In-Class Projects

Students began learning about some of the important themes featured in Where We Are From before the program even started. Projects like the Where I’m From poem and the Map of Our Families encouraged students to think about concepts like home and migration. Here, you can see some examples of the work students did.

Every student in their English class wrote a version of the classic poem Where I’m From, by George Ella Lyon. This poem broadens the horizons of what it means to be “from” a place and in writing their versions, students shared the things that have made Santa Barbara home for them. Below is a selection of the students’ work, including full poems and some “golden lines”–that is, each student’s favorite individual sentence or stanza.


Students also made class maps that showed their family’s country or place of origin. These maps showed how important an experience migration has been to all of our families and to history in general. Below are some of the maps that students created, identified by class.

Ms. Martinez-Pettit’s period six class: