Welcome to the History & Relevancy Project

The California State Parks have partnered with the University of California to pilot a project that aims to enhance community engagement by representing inclusive histories of our region and state. Together, we will better realize the historic and cultural potential of State Parks by creating meaningful connections to contemporary communities and issues.

At the University of California, Santa Barbara site, we are working with El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park, operated by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, and Carpinteria State Beach to develop new programming that will emphasize stories of immigration, the environment, and other pressing contemporary issues

Building partnerships between institutions and community members helps us showcase the many intersecting histories of the Santa Barbara area. In our role as historical consultants, we aim to make the histories presented at our local historical sites more relevant to the diverse communities that call this place home.

Please check back for more information on our programming and future events.

Photo credit: Kevin McGarry, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation