An Administrative History of El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park

By Nora Kassner

Introduction to the Project:

            The University of California, Santa Barbara history department has received a grant from the California State Parks System to augment historical interpretation at El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park. New historical interpretation will be developed in 2016-2017 in partnership with the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, the operator of El Presidio SHP, and will focus on a theme of migration and immigration. This paper serves as a background for this project. I begin with an overview of the project and its origins. Next, I provide a broad history of the neighborhood now known as El Presidio SHP in order to suggest opportunities in this history to explore themes of immigration. Then, through a study of past historical interpretation at El Presidio SHP, I identify ways in which these (im)migration themes have—or have not—been presented previously. Finally, I offer suggestions for possible approaches to use during the 2016-2017 project period.

This is only a summary. Please contact the History & Relevancy Project for more information on this interpretive history or to request a copy.